A 56 year old British man has fathered 40 children

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The 56 year old British man Mike Holpin is an alcoholic “goat”, at the early age of 9 had their first sexual experience, 19 years old when his father, before and after and 20 women together, gave birth to 40 children, maximum 37 years old, the youngest only 3 years old.

Mike Holpin said, he is now only 56 years old, is still very young, have a couple of children also be nothing difficult. It is reported that, Mike Holpin now has to “quit drinking, but the woman is not included in his plan”. The 40 children, 22 with his name, the rest of the 18 children were free to name. In order to remember the 40 child’s name, and he will be the children’s name tattooed on me.

It is reported that, Mike Holpin is your “promiscuous” on children caused by guilt, at the same time, he also tried to get in touch with the children, the first contact is now 21 year old son Lucas. When asked if Lucas loves his father, he said frankly, my little contact with his father, not to mention love, “but if he is dead, I think I will tear off”.

High quality of life and makes a woman more beautiful

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In fact, but a lot of good sex. For example, a study found, harmonious sexual life between husband and wife helps women to maintain a more healthy.

Of course, to master the balance relationship between quality of life and frequency of sexual life is good, because both are important.

If sexual life many times but only to cope with the job, that will only add to the trouble.

But, in contrast, the quality of life seems to be more important than the frequency of sexual life. If women in the sex of long reach orgasm, will have some adverse effects on the body.

Long reach orgasm in women, easy temper, can appear the feelings of the crisis, the long run can even lead to a broken marriage, can also lead to physiological function of each organ system affected.

So, ladies do not have to worry too much about whether sex too many questions, but should have a look how the quality of the sexual life of husband and wife, as he Is it right? Reached its climax etc.. The study found, often can reach a climax of women are often more beautiful, more confident, couples feeling more harmonious.

The high quality of sexual life can let a female endocrine hormones play a beat all beauty, let the female skin crystal clear, be in good out of a bandbox.

Breast fed children more intelligent

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According to the research report, breastfed children grow up a higher IQ, the higher income also. The research object is the 3500 newborns, follow-up time of more than 30 years.

The research results more key emphasis on the social and economic status, mother seems to be almost did not affect the results of research.

Study lead author, Brazil Bei Rohtas Federal University (Federal University of Pelotas Bernardo Lessa Horta) scholar said: “the effect of breast feeding on children’s brain development and intelligence fully endorsed by.”

Previous studies is not clear place lies in, positive influence to drink the milk whether can continue into adulthood, and maternal socioeconomic status or education level than decide whether breastfeeding plays a more important role.

Bernardo Lessa Horta said: “our study confirmed for the first time, continued breast-feeding will not only increase IQ until at least 30 years old, and at the same time, through the promotion of education degree and income ability, and affect a person’s social status.”

Bernardo Lessa Horta said, the study is unique because of breast feeding, not only popular in high education and high income women among populations, but the average distribution in different social strata.

The research object is in 1982 in 3493 children born in Brazil Pelotas, subjects averaged 30 years of age when compared with their intelligence test scores, educational level and salary.

The study found that drinking milk, and less than 1 months compared to children, breastfed for at least 1 years children, at the age of 30, the average IQ of more than 4 points, 0.9 more years of education, each month’s salary on average more than $104.

Bernardo Lessa Horta said, milk good for intelligence may be that long chain in breast milk of unsaturated fatty acid (DHA), very important for brain development.

About 40% of iPhone users are interested in buying Apple watches

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According to a survey Reuters and Ipsos, about 40% American adult iPhone users interested in buying Apple Watch intelligent watch new.

Apple Watch price of $350 – $17000, will go on sale in April 24th. This is the last 5 years Apple launched a new type of product for the first time, so the users of the product demand is being closely watched by competitors and investors.

The launch of the Apple Watch, iPhone users is a key market for apple, because the Apple Watch requires iPhone to play the full function. Analysts generally expected, early users of the Apple Watch basically has iPhone.

BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk said, America currently active iPhone users have more than 100 millions, and globally nearly 500 millions. Therefore, for a yet to be formally opened on the products, the survey “encouraging”. But it is not clear, the iPhone user’s interest is transformed into the final sales.

Pacific Crest Securities analyst Andrew Hargreaves said, is not clear, how many people want or need intelligent watch. But he expects, with a strong product and marketing, Apple Watch will perform well in the initial sales. He said: “the current user won Apple’s more realistic.”

Through Apple Watch, users can view the e-mail, listening to music, and dial the telephone. From March 9th to March 17th, Ipsos surveyed 2469 participants aged 18 and older americans. Survey, 24% of respondents said, we are interested in Apple Watch, and 10% of them said “very interested”.

Among iPhone users, 39% of respondents said, we are interested in Apple Watch, and expressed “very interested” in the proportion reached 17%. The number of iPhone users in the survey of 788 people.

Since March 9th, apple held Apple Watch conference in San Francisco, discussions about this product in Twitter and Facebook and other social media is very warm. Analysis of the market research firm Networked Insights show, in the apple Conference within a week, about the watch, the discussion on social media has 15% positive, 5% negative, the remaining 80% neutral position. In contrast, iPhone 6 at a press conference after the same time period to attract 5% of positive reviews, no negative comments.

In addition, in all about Apple Watch social media dialogue, 5.8% have expressed interest in buying, and previous data for 2.9% iPhone 6.

Apple is one of the big company of much home focus on wearable computing devices. Samsung, Sony and LG have issued a smart watch products, most products are used by the Android Wear system Google.

In the investigation of Reuters and Ipsos, more than half of iPhone users believe, in the near future, the intelligent watch will become as common as intelligent mobile phone and digital products. Among all respondents, the proportion was 44%.

The 70% decline in profits last year “angry birds” developer Rovio

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March 19th afternoon, the famous mobile phone game “angry birds” developer Rovio announced in 2014, the company operating profit fell by 73%, from 36.5 in 2013 to 10 million euro plunged millions of euros, and the company’s 2012 profit of 76.8 million dollars.

Rovio last year, total sales of 158.3 million euros, down 9% yoy. However, thanks to the new game “jam” and “happy garden of angry birds: Stella bubble” help, mobile phone game revenue growth of 16% to 110.7 millions euros instead, downloads the two games to 600 million times.

Rovio aims to be a considerable entertainment brand and Disney. The company is planning to create a fun movie, angry birds onto the TV screen, and plans to release in 2016. Rovio has been working with the Beijing KunLun launched China customized version of the game, they also plan to launch a special for the new game in japan.

To the forty year old man(2)

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10. The forty year old man, living in a changing moment, rules of unknown era contrast; bear the dual psychological and physiological changes inevitably have a lot of anxiety and worry. To focus on inner cultivation, to distinguish right from wrong choices, take care of yourself.

11. The forty year old man, even though the money, also do not go to have what lover. No matter who conquered who, ultimately hurt all money. The money these things though not long legs, but the legs and run as fast. In addition, in this era, as long as you stand beside him a bright beautiful than your wife is not the woman your wife you will become insignificant up, in others it seems that this is not the money color trading is the right color trading.

12. The forty year old man, has mostly as a parent, the best share one or two pieces of wonderful life story with your child. The story needs no shaking heaven and earth, guiku God weep, but let your children know they have a less vulgar father, who is not unusual blood flowing. This belief will play a crucial role in their future life.

13. Forty year old man, to take part in several funeral. Thus life has been about to midway through the first half, visit the end can let you eliminate fear psychology, drive a day to day, paralysis, to be more appreciative of life, appreciate life, grateful for years.

14. The forty year old man, the best two times a year examination. Medical insurance and life insurance to buy at least one each, to take precautions to make arrangements for his wife and children. A forty year old man peak period is disorder, unfortunately requires a step ahead, at least give people the impression of a pro exhortations and hope.

15. The forty year old man, to stay away from the girl of twenty years old, no matter how much she lovingly pathetic, no matter how much she moths to a flame. She is still peaches and plums for love, and you should know the destiny, known to be non. If true joy, not to give her a muddy and bumpy, abnormal hard way.

16. The forty year old man, to have the shoulder, to carry up the wind and rain, to bear the burden of life. Even if again no tired, also want to give his wife a warm quilt, a safe haven for children, give the family a regretless promises.

17. The forty year old man, may wish to read some ancient books. To understand, the mystery of the mighty dead outside; to understand the life, again and again to see the reincarnation;, causality behind the red dust; to fear, there is a pair of mysterious eyes, staring at us.

18. The forty year old man, don’t be afraid even to forty. If the age of 80 after the sarcasm, use a word back the most incisive: what you are proud, not on the young? I have been young, and you can grow old?

To the forty year old man(1)

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1. The forty year old man, if not married, you don’t get married. Whether you are married or not many times a failure, your body and mind have reached unhealthy levels, then is not responsible for this unhealthy to others. If we can do ascetic, walking alone, also can live at ease.

2. The forty year old man, if without a single success, it has become difficult for. More than ten years of education, more than 20 years of social experience, these are not the whole point scores, don’t embarrass yourself. Aim low, settle the mentality, the days are still able to comfortably.

3. The forty year old man, if you haven’t been K room or sauna, the best time to time. If the wine is still clear, so, you will achieve a truly free state. The old is a highly, is a hierarchical, wonderful to this one when I was forty years old with you again careful to say.

4. The forty year old man, don’t like twenty or thirty years old then, be entirely absorbed, stared at the woman dress exposed areas. Even if the heart choppy, pay attention to the image appropriately. See no evil, if not to as, best strabismus.

5.  At forty years old man, if did not live happily, it is estimated to take this unhappy with them to the grave. To relax the mind, achievement size has nothing to do with money, whether the scenery without history. Remember: People are hurrying to and fro., numerous living beings, who are not able to show disdain for the world, of which there is life, there is transport. Walk, can pass by, don’t to heart, the more don’t detest the world and its ways.

6. The forty year old man, done one or two things is not easy, what things are not done more not easy. For those without a single success although late, but examples of good since ancient times, also meet the eye everywhere across things. As long as it is to believe yourself, worth a go go.

7. The forty year old man, don’t put his body in a complete mess. Saggy butt and belly bulge is not forty years old man’s patent. Spare some time to properly exercise, such as playing basketball, run on the body and mind can play a positive role in aging.

8. The forty year old man, an officer to clean, business to tax law, avoid hand take work. Twenty or thirty years old made what wrong can turn over a new leaf, again, forty Lok Ma may come second slip the endless sea of tribulations, unable to make improvements.

9. The forty year old man, should do more to filial piety, the cause of how big, work no matter how busy also take some time to accompany the old people to eat dinner, chat, at the same time, also send a family tradition of mutual love, make an example for the younger generation. Remember: how do you treat your parents, how your offspring will treat you.

Neuroscientists have found love announced that affects the brain’s Secret

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According to the British “Daily Mail” the message said, neuroscientists have found different announced how emotions influence the secrets of the brain. By carefully examine the brain scan images at different stages of the love of people, they think have preliminary clues to the true face. The preliminary results show that the brain has 12 different regions will have different effects because of love emotion.

Human different hormone combinations messages from one area to another, may allow future scientists using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to judge a person’s true feelings.

Preliminary study of Frontiers in Human Neuroscience “published the results show that the team are confident they have found that the brain Caudate nucleus the most active in the romance stage. If you can put the other part to complete the puzzle, scientists may one day be able to through the brain scans, the accurate judgment of the true feelings of a person.

The concept of open using this technique in the possibility of legal disputes, divorce litigation or criminal proceedings involving feelings.

Chaired the expert of this study pointed out: “the preliminary evidence related to love change in the brain structure in our study, the results for understanding the mechanism of love.”

“This may show that when a person fall in love, in addition to associated with romantic love in daily life behavior, the brain in a variety of behavior in the different operation ways.” Experts say.

The study included 100 men and women underwent a brain scan. Some participants said it was in love, others just ended a relationship, where the 1/3 men are single and have never been in love.

Preliminary results show that these brain regions and known reward, motivation, emotion and social function related.

When dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin and other different hormones in different parts of different velocity of flow to the brain, those parts in the scanning instrument will lighten”.

At present the biggest key is the most reliable enough experiment, draw the “brain map”, show different emotion state appearance.


Fishing technology won the Perch experience

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A genus of pelagic fish, Perch, ferocious temperament, fast, can feed on a variety of small fish and shrimp. Fishing waters can choose to offshore Gulf waters. Every year in May to October is the best season for fishing Perch, autumn is the golden season of spring fishing for perch; the weather warming, Perch left deep sea, to the estuary and Gulf after foraging. Perch love to the estuary waters near spawning, feeding, fattening.

Two, Perch habits: Perch is omnivorous fish eat the small fish paste, like leaves, small yellow croaker, squid, cuttlefish, squid, shrimp, Nereis, saury, earthworms, cockroaches, rocks, sea worms, insects such as silkworms. Perch body extended silver, big mouth flat, prominent jaw, dorsal fin on both sides of a small dark spots, inhabits inshore, the fierce, like chasing prey fish, shrimp and channeling, water bug. The fish up to thirty kilograms; the fecundity of 100 million or so; Perch tender meat, fat, thorn less meat and more without fishy smell, is a valuable edible fish.

Three, bass fishing bait fishing is best used as follows: Perch live bait: live a small loach, fathead minnow, live squid, live mice live small yellow croaker, shrimp, cuttlefish, squid, live, live clamworm living small crucian carp Da etc.. In addition, also available such as: small fish bait, bait, small freshwater fish bait, bait worms, shrimp, squid bait bait and so on. Perch individual is quite big, small two, three pounds; high up to thirty pounds. Perch hooked, Chong channeling struggle, strength quite fierce, therefore, be patient Walking Bass, don’t pull and Perch “tug of war”, to avoid the line broken, decoupling.

Four: fishing rod, fishing tackle soft not hard, except in the water flow with 80 – 120 pole fishing urgent, 50 – 60. The most used, relatively soft point pole. Using 3 – 6 PE line (i.e. polyester line), the hook is 18 – 22. The impact Perch hook force, a little larger Perch, no two – three rounds, it is difficult to be uniform, slightly careless, there will be folded pole break tragedy.

Five, Perch Diaofa: by a single or a few pieces of sea rods, sea rods, shore embankment island fishing. Can hook, string hook, bait throwing fishing string; available small wind and string hook fishing boat. Many fishermen and fishing friends, like with a small board to make good three or four wind effects of fishing, effect, the harvest is not small; also available in Changhai rods and long rods, hanging bait throwing pole after light slow trolling, also can catch Perch.

Like the sea in the wind exhibition flag – Histiophorus orientalis

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Histiophorus orientalis, belonging to Pisces, istiophoridae. There are many kinds, mainly true swordfish, eyes, black marlin, sailfish banana sailfish, the habit of the same. Body elongated, slightly compressed, length of up to 5 meters. The above general shape weight 60 kg, some up to 600 kg. The premaxilla and nasal extends forward, constitute a beaklike snout tip length, shaped like a sword. Surface were green brown, gray white round spot. The first dorsal fin is long and high, with black spots, like the wind exhibition flag, it is referred to as the sailfish.

The fish is tropical and subtropical oceanic pelagic fish. Ferocious temperament, swimming quickly, attack, speed of 70 miles per hour, can dive to 800 meters under water.

The sailfish attack strong. Its long and sharp beak like bone sword — department — very hard. According to records: the end of the Second World War, a ship loaded with oil on the British ship “Barbara,” sailing in the Atlantic, had been a swordfish attack. At that time, a large swordfish dashed “Barbara”, with “sword” pierce the tanker plate, water from the big hole into the cabin, the crew be confound at, thought that was torpedoed, but didn’t explode, the crew wake up to the gods, saw a big fish swam swiftly to the other side in the ship rocking. After a while, the fish turned towards her, and rushed to, another place pierced the side of the ship. The sailfish, “sword” is broken, a seaman with the rope over the fish tail, you put the fish onto the deck. After measuring, the sailfish length 5.28 meters (including 1.54 meters of the snout), weight 660 kg.