The most beautiful woman feet three states

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Hot summer, a pair of sandals for their own will make you enjoy the feeling of being in the fresh and comfortable. This is when you need according to your foot type to choose their own shoes. Feet more fat, relatively wide foot sisters can choose flat sandals; leg skinny sisters can choose some high-heeled sandals with rivets tassels or modified, so you can enhance the sense of fullness; foot obesity, feet thick Sisters T-shaped sandals can support a more perfect shape to.

Some foot more perfect women can mix different styles according to their own style. For example, people born romantic love can choose sandals with printing, you can try an elegant retro black leather sandals with thick sandals decorated and darker for those passionate girls. Like a low-key gorgeous friends can choose bare metal ring inlaid with exquisite styling simple sandals, goat leather flat shoes material will give people a fresh and elegant feeling, like the feeling sisters may wish to try.

The most beautiful woman feet three states

A pair of soft feet always in some specific forms in order to exhibit its vitality. This form also requires you to understand, but I heard that there are three forms of mind most people are drunk:

One is in the blurred lights, a pair of soft white feet, with a wine red high heels.

One is wearing a single band with a sound board slippers dragging feet, then women are mostly relaxed home state, had just showered, had blisters on the feet are white reveals pink.

One is barefoot, barefoot running all over the floor, when the woman innocent, lively, is the most relaxed woman most natural state.

These forms have a specific need to go to your own perception, but from now on, we might follow the above two songs, the same can practice a pair of charming and sexy feet, then with a beautiful dress, coupled with a fresh makeup, make yourself walking aroma.

Legend of the coconut tree

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A long time ago, only the island of Taiwan mountains, no rivers. Spring is also buried in the deep, deep ground, unable to dig out, people can only use utensils to pick rainwater to drink. Experiencing drought, when the days without rain, people had to go to the beach to drink the bitter and astringent waters. Some people remote from the sea, the sea will not wait until thirsty.

That year, the drought took place in the island of Taiwan, a series of half a year without rain, countless people die of thirst. There is a young girl named Coconut, who lives in the western part of the island, not far from the beach areas. She saw water shortages and lost so many lives, and my heart is very sad. In order to allow people to drink in Sheung Shui, one day, she took the shovel, dig seaside spring. She dug and dug, dug a 49 days even the fingers are worn, dug a large and deep sand pit, but still do not see the slightest shadow of springs.

At this point, Mazu woman came and said to her: “? Behaved children, the way you dig, how to dig the spring it can” listen coconut girl, said with tears:! “That’s how to do it really look like this ? the people do die of thirst, “Mazu and she said:” The people rescued from misery out of the way is there, but just to cost lives! “coconut girl heard there is a way, quickly replied:” As long as people can rescued from misery out, no matter what way, I am willing. “woman see this girl willing to sacrifice himself for others, felt very touched. So he took out a red fruit like Fo Tan as from the arms handed coconut girl, said: “Well-behaved children you eat this fruit, you will find sweet water for the people of the” coconut girl listens, milli do not hesitate to put the fruit swallowed. Blink of an eye, coconut girl becomes a big beautiful peacock. Her stomach felt like a fire burning, burning mouth, thirst, like, very uncomfortable. Her writhing body, plunged headlong into the sand pit, pointy mouth constantly drilled down. Her diamond drill ah ah, finally met her mouth cool spring water, drinking her happy. She drinkin thought: I want to drink some water, put in your mouth to the fountain on the ground, to give those thirsty people. But her head was buried in the sand can not move, how to pull it pull it out. This is how to do it? She shoved a Push, suddenly turned into a tree, the tall trunk of her body; wide leaves her tail. Her head and mouth become roots. Push sucking her underground springs, and then sucked water through the trunk to the tree to bear fruit in the round and big, so that people will be able to quench their thirst come off.

Soon, people find that the coconut water girl’s dedication came to a large tree, and they drank fruit in syrup, and finally crossed the dry period. To commemorate coconut girl, these trees called coconut trees, called it the fruit of the coconut. That is, from this point on, Taiwan has coconut trees, and more and more.

Norway was named the world’s most democratic country

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A new authority rankings, the degree of democracy on a global scale in Australia jumped by four, currently ranked sixth. This is a proud achievement worth Australians, unfortunately, dead than popular, especially when the pressure we are closest neighbor happens when one end of New Zealand.

UK-based Economist Intelligence Unit found that, although a democracy after release from the list two years ago, Australia strive for the promotion of the four, but the whole world is becoming increasingly undemocratic.

Economist Intelligence Unit is a global economic and business research company. Economist Intelligence Unit’s country forecasting services department heads Laza Kekic said in a statement: “Australian public support for democracy increasingly deep, so Australia’s score improved, but also indirect causes that several Western European countries, Australia ranked close during this period. The degree of democracy is not retrograde – in large part because the multiple effects of the global financial crisis, but the extent of victimization in Australia than in Europe to light. ”

Norway was named the world’s most democratic country, followed by Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, New Zealand and Australia. While France, Italy, Greece and Slovenia from the top of the “full democracies” relegated to the “flawed flawed democracies”. U.S. and UK were placed on the bottom “fully democratic country”. Keqic said: “In recent years, in order to combat terrorism, the right to freedom of American citizens is being eroded.”

Currently the world’s largest diamond was discovered how

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Currently the world’s largest gem-quality diamond is January 1905 Puliemier diamond mines in South Africa discovered, known as “Star of Africa” and “Cullinan” diamond is a diamond crystal less complete block of color colorless and transparent, without any flaws, excellent texture, weighing 3,106 kt. At that time, the mine general manager with the name “Cullinan” to name.

January 1905, the South African diamond mine supervisor Puliemier, when walking in a mine, found a flash object in the reflection of the setting sun, shining a light on this piece of something, he thought it was out in the mud bottles, stir it with a stick, scrape off the dirt, he almost did not believe my eyes, was actually a diamond as big as a fist. Since he won Keebler, got a million dollar bounty.

Piece of the world’s largest diamond, the British government used $ 750,000 to buy, shipped to the United Kingdom, and dedicated to the King Edward VII in 1907 love as King 66′s longevity. Later this huge diamond was sent to the Netherlands capitals Cutting, this “Star of Africa” After months of research and analysis to assess a number of experts, as the world’s priceless, unique in the world. Finally, many experts unanimously decided to split the diamond into three large diamonds. Experts carefully studied its split direction, and in the direction of the first division to open a quarter-inch gap in February 10, 1908 in the afternoon, by the British National Wang personally selected a famous Dutch diamond expert Yuese Fei Chi brothers split split. In the split-site accompanied by a panel of advisers, ready to study changes in the situation and ask a doctor and two nurses on site escort. If they have the slightest deviation or estimates or improper force under the hammer angle error, this diamond may be split into the ten thousand gravel, then split the expert’s future fame will have to end.

At this point the room air is very tense, divided experts will pre-designated line steel blade notch, raised wooden hammer blow violently to the knife blade, blade broken, Juzuan did not crack, split at this time is the expert sweating, but fairly calm. As another wooden hammer, this time feeling nervous even breathing difficult, experts strongly divided on a hammering in the new put the knife blade, diamond according to wish a complete split into three pieces. At this point the expert division immediately collapsed to the ground, and later in the hospital recuperating for a long time before they returned to normal.

Why should humans masturbate?

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Masturbation to prepare for adult sex. The study found a number of modern sex, masturbation is a great way to “self-body exploration” of. By masturbation, teen better understand their bodies and sexual needs, which can be fully prepared when the adult sex. Some studies have also found that once had a sexual partner, masturbation does not suddenly stop, a recent survey found that some people still get married after masturbation, but not frequent it.

Masturbation is not a male “patent.” The survey found that almost all men masturbate all ages, some men also his girlfriend. But the findings show that a relatively low ratio of female masturbation. The fact is that masturbation is not a male “patent.” Since the concept of the problem or there is an incorrect understanding of masturbation, some of the women in the survey may not give a true answer. For many women, the only way to bring the climax of masturbation experience.

Masturbation beneficial to improve sperm quality. The study found that masturbation is not only a self-pleasing behavior. From a scientific perspective, masturbation helps to update the sperm storage, improve sperm quality. Because sperm stored for too long will be abnormal. The number of surviving sperm (usually 3-5 days) within a certain time it is extremely important for pregnancy. Of course, daily masturbation is extremely irrational behavior, because over-indulgence, frequent masturbation will inevitably lead to the rapid decrease in sperm count, which will also reduce sperm quality.

Although masturbation is often not intentional arrangement, mostly reflecting the role of sexual stimulation, using a lot of ways to make it more enjoyable. In marital sex life is also often used as preparation before sexual activity. There are various ways men masturbate, it is common along the head of the penis by hand (glans) of the penis touching; or just for quick touch on the head of the penis, or a penis rubbing and kneading whole; there are a few who also stimulate their anus, it was with the other hand while stroking the thighs, nipples, abdomen or scrotum.

Some people do not hand using legs pinching genitalia orgasm, this behavior has some impact on the male genital pathology, should attract attention. Many men have admitted at the time of masturbation, the use of things such as cloth like rub the penis. Or create other ways to increase masturbation pleasure. Some even use pornography to arouse sexual desire.

“Death spiral” – a kind of invisible air vortex

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It found that in practice, the flight speed of nine-tenths the speed of sound, Mach M0.9 that air speed of about 950 kilometers, the local flow velocity may reach the speed of sound, shock waves generated locally, so that the aerodynamic drag surge . To further improve the speed, you need to have a greater engine thrust. More seriously, the shock wave and the gas stream can flow through the body surface of the wing, it becomes very disordered, so that the aircraft severe jitter, is very difficult to manipulate. Meanwhile, the wing will sink, head to the crashed; If, when the plane is climbing, auto body suddenly pitching. These nasty symptoms, may lead to the crash. This is called “sound barrier” problem. Since the transmission speed of the acoustic wave is limited, the sound source can be moved in their catch acoustic issued. When the object with the same speed to the speed of sound, the sound wave in front of the object began to accumulate. If the object has enough acceleration, can break through this unstable acoustic barriers, rushed to the front of the sound, which is breaking the sound barrier.

An object supersonic forward, will continue to generate stable at the front of the pressure wave (bow shock). When an object advance towards the observer, the observer will not hear the sound; After the object passed, wave (Mach acoustic) came towards the ground generated by the pressure difference between the waves will form an audible effect, that is, a sonic boom.

When the aircraft flight speed lower than the speed of sound, the air in contact with the aircraft like a “messenger” like to pass the speed of sound forward “notice” is about to hit the air in front of the aircraft, so that they “give way.” However, when the aircraft speed exceeds the speed of sound, due to air in front of the aircraft and too late to avoid being tightly compressed together into a thin layer of poly stack wavefront – shock, shock behind, because the air is compressed, so that a sudden pressure rise high, preventing the further acceleration of the aircraft, and may make the wings and tail violent tremor and explosion.

And not only the acoustic sound barrier, there is resistance from the air when flying objects to be close to Mach 1 (the speed of sound units) flight, air rushing ahead rapidly as usual can not be spread through the body, so the gas can accumulate to a flight around the body, resulting in tremendous pressure, will lead to a kind of invisible air vortex, commonly known as the “death spiral”, which is also called the sound barrier, if the body does not make special reinforcement, it will be instantly shake to pieces .

Maldives – the world’s largest coral island

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Many people want to know the Maldives where most people because it is a tourist destination, it is the first choice of honeymoon local tourism.

Maldives is located in South Asia, is an island country in the Indian Ocean, is the second small Asian countries by more than 1,200 small coral islands, of which 202 islands are inhabited, there are more than 80 islands have been developed. Northeast and Sri Lanka, 675 km away from the north and India Minicoy Island is located about 113 kilometers, the average area of 1-2 square kilometer island, low and flat, with an average elevation of 1.2 meters, is located near the equator, tropical climate with distinct characteristics , no seasons, respectively.

Maldives is the world’s largest coral island, known as “God throw earth necklace”, “the last paradise on earth the Indian Ocean.”

Maldives Island has developed more than 80, you might ask which island is the best?

In fact, each island has its own characteristics, because it is an island in a hotel model, based on a combination of factors that you can own travel budget, the Maldives Islands Ranked island level, and Travel Guides and other travel quotes to choose. Has developed more than 80 islands, each island is an independent hotel operators developed, choose the island is to choose the hotel. Most of the island has a beach house and a water house. Beach house facing the sea, built on the beach, if you are interested, you can always walk a few hundred meters along the white sands of soft and delicate in the morning or sunset; water house is built directly on the sea cottages have stepped straight the sea, you can also indulge in dark blue on the terrace of the pure world, feel natural again quiet.

Maldives tourism, water house can not live there, if more than 1,000 islands like the Maldives collections of diamonds on the blue sea, the water house is on the cards this diamond collections.

Maldives Maldives eating food with typical tropical characteristics, in addition to full of authentic local color, there are always inseparable from the sea. Due to religious practices, the Maldives people do not eat pork, and beef needed to be imported from abroad, expensive. They eat meat, poultry and lamb, but also eat eggs, fish are eating the most food. They like to eat spicy aromatic spices added with meat, fish and vegetables, rice and sweet potatoes, taro and other starchy foods.

It has a family history of alcoholism index indicates a higher dopamine

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Special taste of beer release a chemical in the brain, so people expect to drink more beer

Indiana University researchers found that special taste of beer can lead to the generation of dopamine in the brain. People with a family history of alcoholism has a higher index of dopamine, dopamine is associated with the central region of the brain and pleasure returns a neurotransmitter. Dr. Ka Leiken Indiana Alcohol Research Centre, said: “We think this is the first human experiments show the effect of alcoholic drinks taste, without any effects from alcohol intoxication, can cause brain dopamine activity in the central area of return.”

The study scanned drinking beer and sports drink Gatorade 49 men who test results showed that those who drink beer than drinking Gatorade has significantly more dopamine activity, while the testers said that after drinking a small amount of beer more eager drinking beer, but this effect does not appear in the sports drinks, sports drinks taste better though.

Every male testers drinking beer every 15 minutes, 15 ml, so they will not feel the influence of alcohol. Professor of Experimental Psychology, University of Sussex, UK Stephens pointed out that this is the first study convincingly confirmed the beer taste stimuli can produce special effects in the brain. He stressed that, although suggestive, but this study can not be considered on the brain has a regulatory role, while the study also showed that not all beer drinks have a similar effect.

Newcastle University Professor Anderson pointed out, we all know, alcohol can produce including taste, smell, imagination and personal habits, and other suggestive messages. This desire often expressed in a dose-dependent, meaning that will consume more doses.

The study showed that taste affect brain function associated with the desire to produce, it is not surprising if people are drinking beer tastes increases desire, and accordingly may affect brain function.

Russia metamorphosis Collectors : digging graves 26 corpses when a woman doll collection

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Russian police have found the remains of 26 women in the western city of a man ‘s home. These are the body of a woman is the man back from the cemetery to dig , and was dressed as dolls.

This man named AnatolyMoskvina, aged 45, who lived alone in the western Russian city of NizhnyNovgorod. Moskvina ‘s parents resort to return to see him at his home three rooms found the bodies of 26 women . When these women died between the ages of 15-26 years old , had died many years , have been ” dry .”

Moskvina is a historian , and sometimes also involved in news reports. At night he ” visited ” hundreds of graves , dug up the bodies with a shovel dragged home in a plastic bag , and then the bodies into a well-dressed dolls . Where a corpse wearing a dress, stockings and other clothing , and the other corpses were dressed as a teddy bear. Since the beginning of this ” weird ” habit later , Moskvina said to have dug up more than 750 graves. At least once , he had slept in a coffin. There are a few evenings , he slept on a bench in the cemetery .

Some residents said , Moskvina is a genius , can speak 13 languages , has a wealth of historical knowledge , in the past lectures in a local museum . Police have arrested Moskvina , then turn its release , it is unclear what he will face charges .

The best method to lose weight beauty health

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