Garden and four designs

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1,  Retro type

Green curtains, retro chair, surrounded by the green environment makes you feel kind of alternative styles of garden design and enjoy a different kind of house to live in such a space, so that you can feel the natural taste, in so full of green space to enjoy a comfortable life comfortable, you deserve!

2,  Mediterranean style

Pure Mediterranean style villas, gardens, too, the blue ceiling, obscured the sun can do for you in the sun too abundant, brightly colored flowers make your yard like a garden, as in this space, you can do not worry about the sun, you can also see such beautiful flowers, you will feel life is so beautiful!

3,  Rustic type

Flowers, trees, green lawn in garden design is the most beloved, through this design approach, let your garden and more of a life, but also richer taste of nature. See such a scene, do you think he is the courtyard designed to be so too!

4,  Fresh romantic type

Purple represents a romantic, fresh green representatives elegant. Such a courtyard design make you feel a unique fresh and romantic.Imagine a sunny weather, sunny afternoon, lying like to hear the birds singing in the garden, read a book, sleep for a little while, is how pleasant things in it!

Congratulations Federer Wawrinka won the first Masters champion

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2014 Monte Carlo Masters has ended, four into the finals of the Swiss player Roger Federer was reversed compatriot Stanislas Wawrinka, missed the tournament championship again. However, according to the famous tennis website “tennisworldusa” reported losing Federer filling gentleman demeanor, their opponents big plus praise, congratulations Wawrinka to win the Masters champion for the first time, and for the upcoming French Open full of confidence .

This is the Monte Carlo Masters champion Roger Federer from the most recent one. Earlier, Federer served 2006-2008 season, reached the finals for three consecutive years, but they lost to Nadal, the champion missed. 2014, due to the premature Nadal upset, when coupled with the semi-finals, Federer turn the recent momentum Masamori Djokovic beat Federer became the most powerful tournament championship contender. However, things are unpredictable, Federer earlier won a great situation to be a plate Wawrinka reversed, will hand over the championship, but also the termination of the 11-game winning streak against Wawrinka.

“When the game into the middle of the time, he became more and more confident, I tried to put pressure on him, but to no avail. Ultimate result will be his morale Sheng, and my status has slipped.”

Despite losing the game, but Federer said he and Wawrinka are good friends, intimate mate and doubles partner decade. They are very understanding between each other, even before the finals, the two are still together training. “For Wawrinka, we often train together, but also played a lot of games, so I’m very familiar with his style, of course, he also well aware of my style of play.” Federer said, and Wawrinka play, in fact, Djokovic, Nadal, Murray, like, and no chance of winning a landslide because of the degree of familiarity between them, the most important thing is to see the state of the game on the spot. Federer Wawrinka think ultimately victorious because he hit the ball very high efficiency in the two sets.


“Tank world” – the highest per capita consumption of game

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U.S. market research firm SuperData data published ten highest per capita consumption of online games . Which Wargaming ‘s military online game ” World of Tanks ” players in the game’s average premium amount is $ 4.51 ; followed Valve ‘s “Team Fortress 2 .”

Data show that each player ‘s monthly consumption in Wargaming “tank world” $ 4.51 , ranked first ; while ranked tenth in the “Heroes Union” per capita consumption of $ 1.32 before being named the world’s most profitable online games ” cross Fire ” lined up in seventh place , per capita consumption of $ 1.58 .

“Tank world” has 9.1 million monthly active players in the world , “Heroes Union” the number of active players last year was 58.5 million. But “tank world ” players mostly military enthusiasts , a ” core users “, they will be more willing to put money into the game . In addition, the “Heroes Union” the most expensive skin is $ 30 , “Cross Fire” in Phoenix sells for $ 110 , ” Tank World ” in the 59 tanks had limited gold price of $ 600 …… This can also be explained , though players number of inferior CF and LOL, but the “tank world” still become the highest per capita consumption of the game.

American skier Antarctic Adventure Challenge 18 m high glacier

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A group of brave skiers seeking the ultimate ski experience , braving the icy cold of the Antarctic Peninsula , from the height of 60 feet (about 18.2 meters ) glacier slide , challenge those inaccessible glacier slopes. For them, those that have been explored over the place bland , and get involved in more remote areas , the challenge is more difficult to climb and ski the object is a rare experience.

From the Colorado mountain skier Chris challenges before skiing , climbing glaciers have been several times in the Antarctic Peninsula. In the process of decline , only wearing a lifejacket Chris protection from biting beneath ice is getting closer , and he was fearless. Accompanied by skiers and Chris Hagen and Andrea , they slide down a 45 degree slope is only able to be completed within a few seconds.

Photographer Greg on a nearby boat inflatable boat , grab afraid these adventurous skiers figure. In this regard, he introduced and said: . ” In many nerve-wracking challenges , the greatest danger lies in the direction of the glacier buoyancy and may change at any time , which leads skiers during descent often trapped in snow and ice .”

Aloe leaves health effects on the body

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1.  Take fresh leaves of Aloe vera daily 15 grams, washed to stab a tea soaked, taking long-term adherence can have a significant weight loss.

2.  Homemade “honey aloe vera health products,” the finest available good honey, peeled and washed and dried into a sheet along with an equal amount of fresh leaves of Aloe vera into the tank, stirring constantly to prevent local contamination, a week or so can be picked up for consumption. This “honey aloe vera health products,” sweet and delicious. The remaining “Aloe Health Products Honey” also rushed to drink cold water, heat and hot weather is the best.

3.  Cut aloe leaf juice applied to the hair, while massaging the scalp, scalp to give nutrients to the hair root tissue blood running well. Not only can itching dandruff and hair can prevent hair loss, the hair glistening black. Some women prefer to use aloe leaf juice hair, both hair styling agents, hair and hair raising action was underway.

4.  The 2-3 tablets aloe leaf, with a grater ground into a paste, put gauze bag, placed in a bathtub in the bathroom. For a long time so that this method can make rough skin restore delicate, reduce or eliminate blemishes on the skin.

Although there are a variety of aloe leaf health effects, but it should not eat. Pregnant women, infants and children should not eat Gong, do not eat too much physical weakness, allergies should also do some testing, skin redness, rough skin and other phenomena, and even nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. should be disabled. If you want something stronger role in health care should be selected arborescens (Japan) aloe because of its medicinal effects of a stronger, more fit physically strong, healthy people. On the contrary, you should choose Curacao (USA) Aloe vera because comprehensive nutritional effect of this is better, but more moderate efficacy. For acid deficiency Aloe arborescens is appropriate treatment, and hyperacidity Aloe vera is appropriate.

Identification of premature ovarian failure , early treatment

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Many women are aware that there will be aging premature ovarian failure , but specifically said that they can not tell what the symptoms , not to mention early treatment . Is there any way to identify early ovarian failure , so that early treatment ?

The main symptoms of premature ovarian failure is amenorrhea. Subsequently , due to the decline of ovarian function in advance , can not secrete estrogen and progesterone , the patient will show some symptoms of aging , such as skin bleak , dry relaxation ; poor mental state , drowsiness ; breast sagging ; abdominal likely to be obese , waist thickening ; vaginal dryness, poor quality of life ; prone to urinary tract infections such as urethritis ; osteoporosis, leg pain , loose teeth and so on. In addition, the afternoon will be easy to show hot flashes, night sweats , insomnia, hair loss and other symptoms of menopause. Not only will women with premature ovarian failure premature aging , affecting the quality of life for women without a child , the mother may also mean the loss of opportunity .

Ovarian failure is the main treatment for hormone replacement therapy , as opposed to surgical treatment , the drug therapy affordable, and does not increase breast or endometrial cancer risk of illness . However, premature ovarian failure is irreversible amenorrhea , in order to avoid premature aging , advised women to healthy living.

How to properly feed American Shorthair

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American Shorthair appearance lovely, docile and well-behaved, and very humanity and feelings, but also easy to close relatives and family, but also peace and other pets. If the home has a lovely American Shorthair, then how to correctly feed them?
1.  Healthy American Shorthair abundant energy are very strong, they love sports love life. Therefore, in the process of feeding, but also at home prepare the necessary sports toys, so American Shorthair can always play sports. Or the owner may be in their leisure time, with American Shorthair out walking his walk workout.
2.  American Shorthair has a very high IQ, they are very smart. Therefore, in everyday life, the owner can also tune their training to equip them with more and better habits, have better health and mental state.
3.  American Shorthair also like hair removal, so the feeding process, to strengthen the American Shorthair cat hair care. Also regularly fed to the cat vomit hairball cream to help clear the stomach of cat hairballs, care cat’s stomach.
4.  Because hair is shorter American Shorthair, so care is also relatively easy up. Breeders only need to spend 10 to 15 minutes a day grooming cats can be. Then two to three weeks for the cat nail trimming, eye and ear health 1 to 2 weeks to clean the cat. Generally 1 to 2 months for the cat a bath once.American Shorthair is the home of the brave and diligent cats, feeding them for breeders is also a relatively easy thing. Moreover, the American Shorthair personality is very gentle and kind, if the family has children or other pets, do not worry, because the American Shorthair and other people and pets can live in peace.

Beware of cosmetics ingredients in possession of inside trap

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Trap one: cheap nail polish – deformed nails and easy to change

Now many stores sell small items very cheap price, there are many counter nail polish, online is more numerous, bright colors of nail polish really attractive. But cheap nail polish is usually marked unknown inferior nail polish, is likely to harm human health.

Studies have shown that nail polish odor stimulation, plasticizing agent will penetrate the body to absorb, will make breast cancer, endometrial cancer and other cancer risk increases. Poor quality nail polish will add mercury, methanol, formaldehyde and other toxic ingredients, long-term use leads to deformation of the nail discoloration, but also lead to skin irritation and other problems, is really worth the candle ah.

Trap two: the misuse of mercury-containing lipstick – Beware of chronic poisoning

Even if a woman’s face without make up, when there rosy mouth, people are extraordinarily spirit. However, the network and the lipstick on the roadside stalls unsolicited, often adding excess heavy metals, such as lead or cadmium, if eaten in every day, accumulated will lead to chronic lead poisoning, causing anemia, abdominal pain, or accumulate in the kidney damage renal tubular function.

Research indicates that the main ingredient is lanolin nothing more than lipstick, wax and dye, which, lanolin easier to cause allergies, such as chapped lips and mucous membranes, peeling or itching pain, but because of the adsorption characteristics, will be attached to the colorings or harmful substances into the mouth on the mouth, and then eat the stomach, a health hazard.

Recommended smear lipstick before, be sure to first coated layer of lip balm, if you find the rub easy peeling scaling, better stop use, so heavy metals or other harmful ingredients penetrate the skin.

Trap three: the poor quality of talcum powder makeup – beauty hidden crisis

Small shop counter, often filled with poor foundation packaging products, not only the texture of thick, can also lead to the breeding of a large number of acne breakouts, while inferior powder, honey powder rough texture, often adding talc poor quality, long-term use so easily inflamed skin becomes more dry and dull.

Studies indicate that the composition can generally be divided into powder foundation and a liquid matrix, many smooth foundation in order to strengthen the coating often results often excessive addition of synthetic ester, oleyl alcohol, caprylic acid and other ingredients, easy to stimulate the skin, causing smallpox pox crisis, but also make people shine embarrassment. In addition, many people with a bottle of foundation years in the end, in fact, as long as that foundation taste weird, there are liquid separation, or foundation too dry, should not continue to use, lest cause skin burden. Finished products such as liquid foundation makeup to use up to one year from the opening of the time, it takes too long should be used with caution.

Closely related to telomere length and human health

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Carnegie Mellon University researchers have recently made some new progress. They found that by human telomere length can predict a person 22 years of age or older immunity against colds. Professor Sheldon Cohen of Carnegie Mellon University in the study of lead, the findings were published in the “Journal of the American Medical Association” on.

They found that by the end cap chromosome length protein complexes in these young people can infer cold immunity. As telomeres are shortened actual age is the age of biology and related biological markers. With the telomere becomes shorter, the cells will slowly lose their ability to work until death. For normal people, the shorter telomeres are often considered to be some of the common diseases related to old age, such as cardiovascular disease or cancer, these diseases claimed the lives of many older people. And now researchers need research that telomere length is associated with some common young.

“Our findings suggest that telomere length and physical condition are closely related to people’s life, from teenagers it can predict disease,” Cohen Sheldon is a Carnegie Mellon University professor Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences, He said: “We all know that a person over 50 years of age if shorter telomeres, he suffered illness and death on a large probability of disease; We also know that some external conditions, such as long-term stress or unhealthy living habit will make older body telomere length becomes shorter and we would like to know, in addition to the elderly, young people of different body length of telomeres is different, and different telomere length and whether they may decide different health conditions. “

Martian regolith filled with toxins (2)

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Of course, future astronauts did not fully exposed to the body in the Martian environment, it seems that the Martian regolith dust does not pose a threat to the astronauts, but found that based on the Apollo program, the lunar regolith particles is a very difficult problem can adhere to the suit, equipment surfaces, and carry large amounts of static electricity, pollution astronauts living cabin interior, will clog air filter systems, contaminated food, etc., once the Martian colonists arrived in the surface of Mars, astronauts will be subject to ongoing high radiation environment threats.

Colonization of Mars is clearly a risky adventure, but scientists continue to find evidence of liquid water once existed on Mars, and why Mars will become the present form, as well as over whether to support life on Mars has been the driving force of human exploration of Mars The latest survey found traces of Martian canals on Mars, there had been floods in forty years ago, NASA’s Viking spacecraft discovered the suspected trail, geomorphology wind, erosion and landslides lava flood had occurred, from the Southwest Research Institute Scientists believe that these phenomena Keith Harrison in the 70s of the last century has become a mystery problem has not been solved, but liquid water is most likely contributing factor. But where it comes from liquid water on Mars? Scientists believe that liquid water can be stored underground environment, there is evidence that the depths of the lakes have enough strength to form these ditches.

NASA Mars Lab researcher Nicholas Warner seems that these landforms are shorter acting, so devastating floods may occur on Mars, through the European Space Agency’s Mars Express probe and NASA’s Mars orbit reconnaissance survey, a large number of floods since the down erosion and the formation of ditches, basins slowly being filled by groundwater and eventually reach several kilometers deep in the flood channel formed a very large gully. Canals on Mars also showing dramatic distribution form the basin from the impact of meteorites and other celestial bodies, when groundwater recharge after a basin full, it will overflow, and then fill a lower basin, and therefore between the basin on the left erosion gullies.

The current study has confirmed that the planet Mars had liquid water, deep lakes, shallow groundwater or liquid water may come from the polar regions, liquid water washed over the area and there is no clear timetable for millions of years may experience or merely hundreds of days. If liquid water on Mars comes from the melting of ice in the polar regions, the Martian atmosphere must ensure that water will not become gaseous disappear once the Martian atmosphere may be more thick.