Generally speaking , the girl in the menstrual period, mood swings, easily irritable and impulsive . This is because the menstrual neuroendocrine system. Some girls on the other hand, the lack of a correct understanding of menstruation , by the parents and students a large impact that life is a painful menstruation , bad things . Each menstrual cramps , such as harm serious illness, such adverse psychological hint , resulting in a very tight teenage spirit , mind questions too , resulting in impulsive or depression , fear and so edgy . Often a trifle unpleasant psychological , tantrums , and sometimes can not control their impulses and speak enough polite, sarcastic , hurt the friendship between classmates and friends . Even their parents and elders have trouble little temper , dispute, there are also individual girls runaways , so that parents and teachers grief and worry.

Therefore, the menstrual period, be sure to use a variety of ways to adjust their body and mind, for example, to actively participate in class collective cultural activities in their spare time to read some healthy literary books , without prejudice to the case study to see video works, more intimate conversation topics and good friends , participate in appropriate physical activities, etc., to maintain their emotional stability, good mood, so as not to cause misunderstanding between the students , the parents also to avoid unnecessarily sad.

Girls during menstruation will feel more tired than usual , drowsiness , body limp , physical decline , there are many women in the premenstrual or menstrual period a series of systemic symptoms. Just like backache , abdominal straining , breast tenderness . Some manifestations of insomnia, excitement can not sleep or can not concentrate in class , loss of appetite , feeling Zaore , colds and so on. These are the norm . This is because the girl’s physical changes periodically . Menstrual cramps before eight – nine days , physical and gradually rises until one to three days before menstruation , physical peak ; menstrual cramps , physical sharply. After menstruation , physical gradually returned to normal levels until the next menstruation . Thus, female students do not overwork the menstrual period , to work and rest, proper rest in order to ensure better learning .