In Brazil, the share of car sales is the first Italian brand Fiat, was 22.8%, followed by Volkswagen and GM USA, accounting for 21% and 19.8%, respectively.

But this situation is about to be broken or luxury car brand. Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Audi and other luxury brands are the layout of the Brazilian market, trying to find a new growth point in emerging markets.

According to Reuters, the Brazilian local government revealed that Jaguar Land Rover will spend 1 billion Brazilian reais (U.S. $ 437 million) to build a new plant in Rio de Janeiro, the new Jaguar Land Rover plant site is located , expected as early as will be put into operation in 2015, the company will release an official statement Dec. 3 on this program.

Investments in Brazil will become Jaguar Land Rover factories in overseas markets second production base, its first overseas production base through the form of joint ventures, and Chery Automobile, set up in China.

Brazil Automobile Dealers Association Fenabrave data provided show that the first 10 months of this year, cumulative sales of Land Rover in the Brazilian market, the 8920 cars, BMW and Mercedes-Benz sales in this market, respectively, over the same period reached 11,500 and 10,500.

Jaguar Land Rover factories is not a luxury car brand case in the Brazilian market. The past two years, a number of luxury car prices has been finalized or considering production in Brazil, or the products into the Brazilian market.

Last year in October, BMW announced an investment of 200 million euros (about 261 million U.S. dollars) to build a vehicle plant in Brazil, in order to accelerate the rate of sales growth in the Brazilian market, the new plant will be located in Santa Catarina, 2014 production, designed annual capacity of 30,000.

Audi followed. September of this year, Volkswagen announced an investment plan, plans to invest 1.2 billion reais in Brazil (about 529 million U.S. dollars), started in the local assembly newest golf cars and restart the Audi luxury car production in Brazil. Volkswagen spokesman said Audi expects to start production from the beginning of 2015 in Brazil, and reached 26,000 A3 compact car in making annual three years, will be produced in Brazil Q3 compact SUV Ingolstadt plant.