Hindu countries (such as India, Nepal and other countries) some of the customs. Hindu Hindu God Bong cattle, cattle on the streets walking the line, and the vehicles must give way. In India, Nepal, many people do not eat beef, but also taboo made with leather shoes, belts. In Nepal, the country is regarded as the beast of cattle, cows with a hump in the back of the neck is regarded as sacred cow by Nepalis, especially Hindus respect. Nepal’s legal provisions, oxen and female cattle protected by law are not allowed to slaughter. An Indian expert to explain the origin of Hinduism prohibits slaughter of cattle, he said: “The cow’s milk nurtured young lives, cattle arable land to grow food brought up human, cow like mother, like humans, so we are very King cattle. ”

In countries such as the Buddhist in Myanmar, Thailand, Southeast Asia, people are very respected monks. Monk car, boat, people have to stand up, to make way. Bong vegetarian household must prepare a good meal at dawn, waiting for the monks to visit. Men ordained at least once a lifetime, had been a monk considered adults, even Prince is no exception. And a devout Buddhist monks are generally vegetarian.

In addition, they are very focused on the head, taboo others carrying goods passing from the head. Elders here, not higher than their younger head. I often see them put the weight low posture. Children can not just touch the head, some people like to touch a child’s head, it is taboo for. They think that in addition to the Buddha and the monks long, or parents can touch a child’s head, be blessed, others will not touch Geely will be sick. Thais still relatively taboo Rocker leg, foot directed at others, can not sleep head west, because the Sunset Western symbolizes death.